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-Hossein Biglu, Mohammad and Eskandari, Fatemeh (2011) Scientometrics Analysis of Nanotechnology in MEDLINE. BioImpacts.


A. Rafi, Mohammad (2011) Gene and Stem Cell Therapy: Alone or in Combination? BioImpacts.


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Matsuo, Tatsuhiro and Ishii, Reika and Shirai, Yoko (2011) The effects of 90-day feeding of D-psicose syrup in male wistar rats. Open Journal of Preventive Medicine, 01 (02). pp. 66-71. ISSN 2162-2477

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Samadi-Shams, SARA and Atashpaz, SINA (2011) Microsurgeon Hirudo medicinalis as a Natural Bioshuttle for Spontaneous Mass Vaccination against Influenza A Virus. BioImpacts.

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Uzair, Bushra and Mahmood, Zahra (2011) Antiviral Activity of Natural Products Extracted from Marine Organisms. BioImpacts.

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